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About Davis Bamboo: Our chief is Daniel J. Nurco, Ph.D.. He is a long-time member of the American Bamboo Society and a University Lecturer. He has been growing bamboo in Davis and the Sacramento Valley for over 20 years. One goal we have is to provide the best bamboos that exist for the customer's climate so that they will grow well and look great 12 months out of the year.

Contacting Davis Bamboo: Please call us on the telephone at 530-756-7997 between 9 AM and 9 PM any day of the week. For appointments and questions about plant pricing, availability, selection, planting, maintenance, and any other questions you may have for us please call. If you feel the need to email us please be aware that the only kinds of questions we answer via email are those regarding availability and pricing of specific bamboo plants. If you are getting ready to email us about something other than availability and pricing of specific bamboo plants please just call. Email address: Bamboo@DavisBamboo.com (Email users please write "Davis Bamboo" in the email subject line)

Purchasing Bamboo from Davis Bamboo: To initiate a bamboo purchase or for more information please call us at 530-756-7997. Our bamboo plants are available for sale by delivery or they can be picked up by appointment in Davis, California. We keep 50+ varieties of bamboo in stock and ready for immediate retail purchase to anyone. Our inventory of potted bamboo plants is the largest of any nursery within 75 miles of Davis (including all of the Sacrmento area and the S.F. Bay area). We are experts at growing bamboo and assist our customers with making the best selections for their needs and we also provide expert advice on bamboo care and planting. There are two features of our nursery that clearly distinguish us from all of the other bamboo sellers we know of in California:

1) We guarantee our bamboo plants to be free of Bamboo Mealy Bugs and Bamboo Mites. There is a good reason the competition doesn't make this guarantee, ..... it is because they have these pests on the bamboos in their nurseries and they sell bamboo with these pests on them regularly. On the topic of Bamboo Mealy Bugs and Bamboo Mites, if you buy plants with them on it you will never ged rid of them. Your starter plants will grow into giant plants that will be throughly infested with the pests.

2) By providing considerable expert advice to our customers we coach them all the way through what they need to do to have a successful planting meeting their goals. When you call, be prepared to answer questions about your planting area and the features you are looking for in the way of bamboo.

Plant prices start at about $60 and the available potted bamboo plants range in size from 3 foot tall plants in 5 gallon nursery pots up to 45 foot tall plants in 36 inch redwood planting boxes.

Bamboo Delivery: Delivery of bamboo plants up to 12 feet tall is available at a rate of $3.00 per mile (calculated one way from Davis to the delivery location) plus the cost of any tolls. Plants taller than 12 feet may require an additional delivery surcharge. The minimum delivery fee is $125. Deliveries come with curbside or driveway dropoff next to our truck. We are willing to drive our truck anywhere possible and we put the plants on the ground next to the truck when we make a standard delivery. For customers who want the bamboo moved to a location where our truck cannot reach there is an additional charge and this would need to be arranged before the delivery takes place. The minimum bamboo purchase for which we will provide delivery is $500. On-site consultations are not provided as part of delivery.

Bamboo Consultations: Our chief is especially proficient at providing consultations over the phone. Customers are often asked to text message pictures of their bamboo planting areas to be used towards the goal of determining which kinds of bamboo are best suited to their planned planting. Telephone consultations are free of charge. While it is rarely necessary, on-site consultations can be arranged at a rate of $200 for a one hour consult plus fees for mileage.

Our Guarantees: We guarantee our bamboo plants to be healthly and free of pests at the time of purchase. We do not guarantee against the following situations that rarely but occassionally occur once customers take posession of plants we sell them: 1) Under Watering (please pay attention to our watering directions and follow them carefully), 2) Over Fertilizing, 3) Improper Planting, 4) Improper Transport of bamboo plants by the customer. We do provide advice on how to accomplish all of these things appropriately, although these issues are out of our control once the plants leave the nursery and we cannot provide guarantees for these situations. We do not sell bamboo that we know is flowering or that we have reason to believe will flower in the near future. We do not guarantee against bamboo flowering which is a rare event.

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