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Bamboo Barrier: We have Bamboo Rhizome Barrier available for containment of running bamboo. We stock three types of rhizome barrier and they are available for pickup in Davis. The kinds of barrier we sell are as follows:

Height Thickness Price
30 inches 80 mil (recommended for smaller statured running Bamboos) $6.75 per foot
36 inches 80 mil (recommended for larger Phyllostachys sp. Timber Bamboos) $7.75 per foot
24 inches 80 mil (can be used for clumping bamboo if it must not spread past a given point) $6 per foot

Super Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Bamboo Barrier Closure Strips with Stainless Steel Nuts and Bolts:

Height Price
28" tall, for use with 30" barrier $60
34" tall, for use with 36" barrier $80

How to Install Rhizome Barrier:

Rhizome barrier is often installed in either a fully-enclosed or a single-sided arrangement to control running bamboo. The pictures shown below demonstrate the installation of fully-enclosed rhizome barrier. To do this with 30" rhizome barrier a 28" deep trench is prepared around the perimeter of the bamboo growth area. The barrier is put into the trench so that it protrudes from the ground by 2". The ends of the barrier are brought together, holes are drilled for the closure strip, and the closure strip is bolted into place. Inside the rhizome barrier the bottom 16" of soil should be compacted hard soil, it also can be useful to have a 5" layer of red lava sand at the very bottom as running bamboo rhizome do not spread down through a thick layer of red lava sand. The top 12" of soil should be a nice growth medium for the bamboo, often a mixture of topsoil and planter mix or compost is used. In a single-sided rhizome barrier installation the barrier is often put in the ground a foot away from a fenceline to block the spread of the bamboo into the neighbor's yard and rhizome pruning is used to prevent the bamboo from taking over the yard where it is planted. In both installation scenarios the perimeter of the barrier will need to be monitored a couple of times per year to insure that rhizome does not go over the top of the barrier and into the ground outside the designated growth area. When monitoring the area, any rhizomes that are tracking along the inside of the barrier or are starting to go over the barrrier should be cut with garden clippers or loppers.

You Can Use Our Bamboo Barrier Installation Service:

We can provide expert installation of Bamboo Rhizome Barrier with our seasoned team of installers. For this service we use the following protocols:

1) We provide an on-site inspection of the area in question and provide a flat-fee quote for bamboo barrier installation. There is a fee for the on-site inspection, usually $200 for a 1 hour consultation plus a mileage fee depending upon your location.

2) When we install the barrier our team of insured professionals will arrive in the morning and in most cases we can complete the job in one day. We can provide one-sided barrier installation and fully-enclosed barrier installation and we typically use our 80 mil x 30 inch barrier.

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